The Berkhemer Clayton Quantum Initiative

It’s our bread-and-butter: our clients hire us, and we learn their industry. Fast. And in detail. As a previously industry-agnostic Executive Search firm, it has been nothing new until now, and over the years we became very good at it. But suddenly there IS something new on the horizon – not an established industry to learn, but a fetal one that has barely begun, so nascent and precocious in nature that it redefines itself even as it is learned, and so critically significant that in the next decade it will likely impact most every aspect of technology infrastructure on the planet, not to mention cybersecurity of nations, and capabilities of the largest global companies.

As such, our parent company, Berkhemer Clayton, decided to make the commitment, for the first time in its 28-year history, to become industry specialists, and launch the first dedicated quantum division for an established executive search firm, Psirch, with the goal of aiding our corporate clients in navigating this new quantum world as it begins its apt journey towards commercialization.

Psirch has seen our Executive Search team become experts in the domain of Quantum Technology, accomplished through intensive directed research, frequent seminar attendance, engagement with and outreach to quantum engineering communities, and reflection of these activities in regular articles soon to be broadcast through our various channels. With the aim of becoming the foremost Executive Search experts in the field of Quantum Technology, we do this not just for our QuTech clients, but also for our traditional clients looking to benefit from the second quantum revolution: banks, asset managers, chemicals companies, pharmaceutical companies, industrial and energy companies, performance materials companies, and many other such corporates who may benefit to previously unfathomable reaches from the advent of quantum technology. We look forward to guiding our client partners through the identification, assessment, and recruitment of experienced senior management as the build out of quantum teams, capabilities, and infrastructure grows ever more critical.

Our initial articles will begin by expounding on some of the various far-reaching applications of quantum computing, quantum sensing, quantum communications and cryptography, quantum timing, and quantum materials, as well as current industry early-adopters and investors. We look forward to becoming Your Quantum Partner as the world’s infrastructure transforms.

Until then, take care, and Psi you later!

Your Quantum Partner